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Dear Customers,

We care about your privacy and place great importance on secure data processing. Therefore we hereby state that your personal data shall be protected in compliance with the procedures and principles set forth by The Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (the “Law”).

Rusen Denizlili, as the Data Controller; process your gender, age, address, e-mail and phone number information that you have shared with us in order to understand your visiting preferences and offer you other products or services which you may be interested in during your future visits and collect your IP address only for the purposes of determination of technical problems and troubleshot such problems as soon as possible. All of your information is encrypted with 256 bit through an internet security standard, SSL Secure System to avoid unauthorized access to your personal information by third parties. You may find more information on our Privacy Policy through

All the personal data shall be stored only for the duration of your membership agreement or if you are not a member for the statuary period in order to execute our legal obligations. Personal data may only be stored in order to fulfill the obligations of the agreement and legislation. By this way, we also aim to offer you discount and other opportunities.


We would like to remind you that in case your information changes at any time you are supposed to inform us through [email protected] in order for us to keep your data correct and updated.

What Are the Conditions of Personal Data Transfer?

Personal data may be transferred to our affiliated companies and subsidiaries in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Law and only for the data storage duration. Besides, further transfer of personal data to third parties may be permitted in order to understand your visiting preferences, conduct a market research and provide consultancy services on advertisement with the intent to improve the quality of our services.

How and When the Personal Data May Be Processed?

We collect your personal data through our membership agreement and process only if the data subject has consented thereto or if permissible under the Law at the place of processing.

What Are The Key Rights That Individuals Have In Relation To Their Personal Data?

Each data subject has the right to apply to Türkmen Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi, as the data controller and demand the following rights:

a)To learn whether or not their personal data have been processed,

b)To request further information as to the processing,

c)To learn the purpose of processing and whether data are processed in accordance with these purposes,

d)To learn the third parties in Turkey or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred,

e)To request rectification of their personal data in case such data are incomplete or inaccurate,

f)To request deletion of their personal data in case the reasons necessitating the processing ceases to exist,

g)To request the notification of third parties in case of rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate processed data and the deletion or destruction of data,

h)To object to the result obtained and analyzed by means of exclusively automated systems against his/her interest,

i)To request the compensation of the damages suffered as a result of an unlawful processing.

How To Complaint To Relevant Data Protection Authority?

The data subject is first required to apply to the data controller and indicate her/his request or through other methods to be determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority (the “Authority”)

Afterwards, the data controller must reply to the request free of charge and as soon as possible considering the nature of the request and within 30 days at the latest. In case the process requires so, the fee which is determined by the Authority may be collected.

The data controller shall accept the request or reject it by explaining the reason and notify the data subject as written or electronically. In case the request is accepted, it shall be fulfilled by the data controller accordingly. In case the request is resulted from the fault of the data controller, the collected fee shall be returned to the data subject.

How To Complaint to the Board?

In the event that the data subject’s application is rejected, replied insufficiently, or not replied in due time, he/she is entitled to file a complaint with the Data Protection Board (the “Board”) and request enforcement of her/his rights.

The data subject cannot complaint to the Board unless complete the application procedure to the data controller.


Data Controller: RUSEN DENİZLİLİ