Clean cuts, unique constructions, and unusual textures.


All pieces are created from luxurious fabrics with exquisite hand-done embellishments and embroideries to give each piece a one-of-a-kind look and feel.


With our strategic and competitive approach, we work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best possible design and production solutions.


To appeal to the woman who appreciates timeless fashion but maintains confidence to dareful pieces.

The foundation of any garment begins with the pattern by turning our design into a dream product.

Rusen Denizlili’s team structure including pockets of highly skilled groups: pattern makers, development coordinators, production managers, cutters, and sewers. From initial sketch to the finished sample, our team will guide you through all the technical necessities of building a garment and transforming our design into a complete product. Whether chiffon, silk, embroidery, our team of highly skilled pattern makers apply their expert eye for garment construction and meticulous details.

We constantly use repositioning system in our designs – from opposing ideas/imagery, to contrasting structures in our garments.

Our focus is on twisting known concepts of art and fashion into unexplored and unique creations.


Balance of materials he envelopes in singular designs.


Aesthetic blends and feminine elegance with a cool minimalist accessoried details edge in the subsequent collections.


Haute couture consisting of intricately-detailed, well-constructed, multi-dimensional pieces.